Monday, October 11, 2010



Saturday, March 6, 2010

1 sentence says it all,
For Wushu, WE Gather!! =)

yeah it's been a long time,so let's write something here. =P

i found a family, and there's only 1 reason all of us gather, which is "wushu"
haha yeap i've joined wushu club this semester, partly cuz of Yewshen whom hv been asking me to join since 2 semesters ago..
i'm honoured for i've joined two wushu performance at MMU grandhall eventho im still a newbie.. i gave my best and did my best =P both the performances were awesome and there will be more! Currently working hard on many stunts, taught by ChinHao, weiping n jay. They inspires me alot in both wushu and uni life, in wushu, all of them started from ground zero, and now each of them is capable of doing stunts normal ppl cant do, in just 3 ~ 5 years =P ; in uni life, they taught me that studying in uni is not just computer games , and afternoon nap.. i must work hard to be like them, to be able to take care in BOTH academic and co-curicular activities (this include basketball and wushu! ) xD

midterm break started, its time to relax and get some rest! ciao

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Saturday, September 19, 2009

yeap, finally she has left Malaysia.
Really i never expected that myself would be there, seeing her back walking through the gate terminal. Well of course it has nothing to concerns me as much as last time already, wasnt EMO.. just that this feeling is kinda sad haha, i hate seeing ppl i know leaving =/ but i hope she would take care of herself there, never really spoken to her haha so didnt had the chance to say it haha..

Oh ya, i was known as "zhen tong" to her mom lolol.. i think mayb cuz of my sir name and i have not seen them since form4 /form5 haha.. and her dad remembers me ! the time when i used to work in tai thong O.O!

after sending her off, we went to pyramid to watch movie! =D
and the show was.... "where got ghots" !!! haha wanted to watch this show so badly, love their hokkien haha.. and the show didnt dissappoint us xD but it was rather funny + abit of touching than Scary lols.. the 2nd part of the story was incredibly hillarious.. gosh.. couldnt stop laughing all the way through heh xD

this picture quite imba.. it seems like i owe yang money and he's about to punch me lol

this is ee and the birthday girl cole =D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

moody and stressful days T T
will be updating this page soon <3

Monday, September 7, 2009

And I know it sounds so stupid,
To be waiting this long,
But I'm still in love and I know I'm not wrong,
'Cause in my eyes,
She's still you. =)

So darn tired of everything =/
But it will keep getting better and i know that..

Good night humans!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take care! =)

i guess everything ended perfectly , things that i expected coming yet i don't know how to face it is finally over. i don't really know how to express this, but one thing for sure, i definitely feel much more better and relief~ is it because i finally willing to face it ? or is it because i finally willing to stop being a pussy and show up? well i don't know haha.. There are still alot of things i wanted to tell, but sometimes things are better such way that we keep it to ourself huh =)

Yesterday night, we had a farewell party for Miss Joanne Yap at Las Caretas ( hope i didnt spell the name wrongly =D ), it was pretty good cuz quite a number of Alpharians showed up.. its been awhile since all of us sit down on a same table chit-chatting,getting updated about each other's life, everyone really has become much more mature compared to last time.
oh ya, Daniel's DSLR is so cool and fun haha, now i understand why FCMs love it! haha well of cuz i know nothing about it, and Daniel gave us a short "lecture" about the camera~ at the end of the dinner, right before we pay for the bill, everyone was like busy taking pictures with each other haha, macam old days and silly praveena forgot her camera flashes 2 times before the picture is taken, hahaha and Mr hao xian is shy XD lols memories sia~ hope that all of us could gather like this again in the future =)

Mr danny's imba camera <3

Nvm the model behind XD

The night was still young when we finish makan makan , so we decided to go yumcha while waiting for Mr Azroy to reach subang, he drove all the way back from malacca just now join us haha not bad not bad at least he showed up =) we ended up at Station one Taipan, and there were stage singers <3 all the gosu emo songs haha all of us started singing too haha macam emo Kbox sia~ xD then we continue our gossip session.. till carrie and Ben showed up from the shop bside station one haha, fate sia lolol

Yeah like how i said earlier, the night ended perfectly and Miss Joanne is going to UK in 2 weeks time i think, Well i didnt really had any conversation with her, sorry =/ i wish she will take care of herself out there, and everything would turn out just fine for her.. study hard! =D

more pictures soon.. xD